Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Famous Dave's Legendary Pit BBQue

April:On our recent vacation to bourbon country in Kentucky, we stopped en route in Knoxville, TN to enjoy some barbeque at Famous Dave's. It is a franchise restaurant chain with many locations. My meal consisted of the Brunswick stew Appetizer and Pulled Pork BBQ Style pulled / chopped. The Brunswick Stew had a salty taste with a delicious smell of fresh ingredients. It was very good for chicken stew but not Brunswick. It had a very light broth, large chunks of veggies (carrots, peas, beans corn and tomatoes), and potatoes. A very hardy and warm stew that was very salty and smokey but that was all for the flavor. The pulled pork was excellent. It had a very savory flavor, but not overly smokey. The taste overall was excellent. Appearance wise the plate came w/ sauce - sweet & zesty style - which in my book is NOT GOOD served on white bread toast which was very good- the barbecue was dry but not dried out. Be sure to ask for it naked - no sauce. It is best to taste it with all the other sauces Famous Dave has to offer. My favorites with the pulled pork were the “Devil’s Spit” and Texas Pit sauces – or by itself. My side item was Dave's Cheesy Mac and Cheese. This was an especially creamy and saucy macaroni and cheese concoction and it had halepenjos in it. The flavor was especially salty and spicy with the added peppers. A very interesting addition. I liked it in the small side dish. A larger serving would have been difficult to finish.

Lane: The Kielbasa Smokey Link and the 1/3 of Baby Back Ribs The Kielbasa smokey links had an amazing woody taste with a delicious flavor. They were plump and complimented not only by the standard mustard they serve it with but more importantly by the “Georgia Mustard,” a Famous Dave’s specialty. The baby back ribs had a great outer bark and were very savory with just the right blend of saltiness. These ribs were sweet and very smokey. The bitterness of the smoke balanced the other tastes quite well. The wood smoke really made the difference. The appearance was very dark and beautiful while the meat was well marbled. They were a good blend of fatty and lean protien. I'm not usually a big fan of baby backs but this 1/3 rack was fall off the bone smokey deliciousness. I had the coleslaw, mashed sweet potatoes, and corn on the cob as my sides. Each entrĂ©e comes with a cornbread muffin as a side also. The cornbread muffin was fantastic and sweet. The sweetness of the cornbread made the sweet potatoes pale in comparison. The coleslaw was nothing to write home about (or blog about as the case may be.)
As we were paying the bill after our fine meal, the restaurant manager came over to the table. Doug Coulter introduced himself, took a seat next to us, and started chatting. He talked with us for over half an hour and even treated us to dessert. The bread pudding was out of this world! It had a flan like consistency but was not eggy. Instead of a hard sauce made with bourbon, they served it with a praline sauce. This sauce made this dessert! Make sure you leave room for this dessert after your next meal at Dave's.

Famous Dave's Legendary Pit BBQue 208 Advantage Drive
Knoxville, TN 37922 (865) 694-9990
Distance from home: 264 miles

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