Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jimmy's Barbecue Lexington, NC

Jimmy's Barbecue
1703 Cotton Grove Rd
Lexington, NC 27292
(336) 357-2311

(79 Miles from Rock Hill)

We stopped in yesterday on our way to Virginia Beach around lunch time. We picked Jimmy’s Barbecue because it is right off I 85, was well reviewed on Yelp, and was within the 100 mile radius (79 miles). The brick building has an awning reminiscent of an old drive-in restaurant. I loved this place upon entry because it reminded me of the BBQ restaurants I grew up eating in with my family across eastern North Carolina. Jimmy’s is a quintessential BBQ joint filled with accolades from over the years from Southern Living magazine and local news magazines. Try as I might to not stereo-type, I can’t help but judge a BBQ restaurant by its patrons. Not by their class, race, or dress but by their overall BBQ satisfaction appearance. Everyone here appeared happy; happy to get their take out sandwiches and go back to work. Happy to have a chance to sit with good friends (l actually saw a couple eat, get up to go, and on the way out meet another couple, turn around, sit back down, and order another BLT). Happy patrons = happy BBQ. April ordered a small course chopped tray with onion rings. I ordered a large plate with fries and white slaw (they offer red vinegar slaw also). As far as Lexington style goes, the meat was a little on the tender side, almost mushy. The flavor, however, was very, very good. It came sauced and included a warm side dish of the red Lexington style sauce (a vinegar base) which had a peppery flavor but was not incredibly spicy hot. We did get some of the absolute best banana pudding I've had in years. If I were to make this at home, it would be like this. On the way out we picked up a “Commemorative Historic NC BBQ Trail Penny” (it’s a flattened penny with The Jimmy’s Barbecue pig logo). We enjoyed this very much and set us right for the next 4 hours as we traveled across the region on our way to the. As I write this, it is Sunday morning in our beach house with our family cussing and discussing the pouring down rain over our coffee and sticky buns. Right now my mind is back to yesterday’s sunny afternoon with the smell of the asphalt and BBQ smoke and we have just gotten off the road and are walking into the restaurant. Maybe
this time I'll get a BLT.