Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Courtney's BBQ Truck, Bi Lo Parking Lot

April: One of the first restaurants that we reviewed after starting this blog was Courtney's BBQ out of Clover, SC (see June 2, 2009 post). It is a great family owned establishment about 20 minutes from home and serves up some very good BBQ. As Lane and I headed to the grocery store after seeing the new "Sherlock Holmes" movie this week, we saw a large red food truck in the Bi-Lo Shopping Center parking lot. Courtney's BBQ had come to us! We went over to check out the offering. Along with the bright red truck, a few new menu items caught my attention. I immediately ordered the Beef Brisket Philly. Seeing as how the recent discovery of BBQ tacos was a palatable success, I thought I might try the Philly sandwich. It was savory and delicious. I am normally not a beef brisket fan as I prefer to stick with straight pork when it comes to BBQ, but this stuff was so good I might be more willing to try it in the future. The beef was stacked high on the bun and topped by lots of sauteed peppers in a variety of colors. The beef had been sauced but whatever it was was good - very savory, salty, and rich which complimented the sweet peppers very well. The bun was soggy as it was just a sandwich roll but I have learned not to expect Philly quality bread this far south!
We met Matt behind the window of this bright red truck. Turns out he has actually read our blog! Someone who is not a family member or close friend. We were shocked and so very pleased. Seems that Courtney's in Clover now has three smokers going full blast so I should be able to smell the smoke all the way down the road to my house almost! He also admitted that the BBQ Philly sandwich was his creation and new addition to the menu. He was also nice enough to let us sample a rib. This thing was awesome. They now smoke the ribs before throwing them on the grill. This made the meat have one very pronounced smoke ring and truly smokey taste. Still not a huge fan of the sauce they use but the smokey flavor now adds a whole new dimension. So huge, I can overlook the sauce.
Next time you are going past the Bi-Lo on Cherry Road, stop in and look for the red Courtney's truck. Bring your cash and order up some great food!

Lane: I found the Brunswick Stew to be salty and smoky with plenty of fresh vegetables but not spicy enough for my tastes. I really enjoyed the BBQ sandwich topped with the red slaw. The BBQ was savory and had just the slightest bit of tanginess and spice so that it didn't need any sauce. The Smoked Brisket Philly Cheesesteak wasn't too bad, it's just that I am not a huge fan of Cheese steak and BBQ sauce. This was a wonderful surprise to find in the Bi Lo parking lot. And it should be noted that Courtney's gives a percentage of the sales to the Bi Lo charities (but they did not specify how much).

Courtney's Barbeque Truck, Bi-Lo on Cherry Road
2186 Cherry Road Rock Hill, SC 29732

Distance from home: 2.92 miles

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