Friday, December 18, 2009


Lane: My initial reaction to BATS BBQ: "It's pretty cool". BATS is a brand new and stylish restaurant with pictures of smoke houses from across the globe. Decorated in black and red, the colors are known to make people hungry. That worked on me very well. The best entrees are the Stuffed Tacos. If there is anything these guys make that could be considered a "signature dish" it would be the "Cajunized" Chicken and Sausage Stuffed Tacos, which were excellent. The balance of BATS' Rub Sauce with the pico-de gallo's tanginess complements the smoky chicken and sausage. Now the half rack Baby Backs I DID NOT enjoy. They were a little overdone, BUT after my second rib, the next bite was much juicier and meaty. The ribs were complimented much like the tacos were by the Rub Sauce. The pulled chicken is very juicy and was complimented by BATS' Cajun Sweet sauce. I'm not a big fan of sweet potatoes but their Sweet Potato Fries are unique (still sweet but also fried which made the difference for me). My least favorite was the pulled pork. It just seemed OK... I was more impressed with the tacos which compared to the pulled pork left the pork uninspired. The Sweet tea was very good by the way. (I've been told the fried pickles are very good and next time I look forward to enjoying them.
April: If someone had told me that a BBQ taco was something I should try, I would have laughed and gagged a little at the same time. Something about the thought of those two tastes did nothing to encourage me. Oh how wrong I was. Bats BBQ serves up a pulled pork taco and a chicken and sausage taco. Both are excellent. Forget the "Mexican taste" that you might associate with tacos. They are simply the vehicle to get the delicious meat and pico de gallo to your mouth. Absolutely delicious. The pico is housemade and should be bottled and sold separately. It is THAT good! I enjoyed the ribs. They had a good savory dry rub and were well smoked. The ribs were a good basic taste that went well with the sauces, particularly the Rub Sauce. The pulled pork was another good basic taste. The meat was not overly smokey tasting and did not include a lot of bark, but had a good flavor. The Cajun Sweet sauce tasted the best with the pork. I particularly liked the smoked chicken that was served. Cut into large hunks, it was all white breast meat that had a great flavor all by itself. Try it with the Rib Sauce. It has just the right amount of spice to really highten the taste. I found the sweet sauce too sweet with the chicken.
The sweet potato fries are handcut and really, really good. Just the right amount of sweet and salty. If the fried pickles are even half as good as I hear they are and compared to the fries, I can't wait to try them! The best part about the eating in experience at Bats are the lovely photos on the wall of smokehouses from all over the world AND the fact that any tips left on the tables are donated to St. Vincent and St. Paul Society serving the needy in York County. Go try the food and be sure to leave a few bills on the table.

BATS BBQ 1912 Mount Gallant Road #108 Rock Hill, SC 29732
(803) 980-BATS
Total Distance from home: 3.92 miles


  1. Definitely a good BBQ joint. I tried the Tacos on April's reccomendation and found them to be absolutely delicious!
    Right now they have a lunch special going on, thier very good pulled pork BBQ sandwiches for only $2.99 each.


  2. Good BBQ joint is an understatement. Rock Hill finally has a BBQ joint to brag about. I love their pork, ribs, tacos, and pretty much everything else. They also have fried pickles and sweet potato fries. They smoke everything in house and the sauces are made in the back. Seriously though, the tacos and pork are out of this world good! The atmosphere is great, very comfortable and the staff couldn't be more professional and nice. Also, the lunch special is a great deal. I asked and they put a 1/3 pound of pork on the sandwich. That's HUGE! I eat there 3 or 4 times a week with my family and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.