Monday, October 5, 2009

Maurice's Piggy Park

Lane: April and I like to consider ourselves pretty astute politically and often find ourselves left-to-center on most issues. So, I decided to pass up the topic of ‘Bessinger Politics’ focusing on the food and not the controversy*. I normally think that Maurice’s is just "OK". They opened the one here in Rock Hill within the last year or so and April and I visited it. Not really that outstanding (which was the same thing we said about Burk’s, another Rock Hill establishment). Now that we are doing the blog we decided to give it a second chance. The worst thing about this visit was somehow we spent nearly $20 for lunch for two. So it is pretty pricy. I got the Big Joe and it’s a half pound of cue and this was a substantial sandwich. It comes sauced with their “heirloom gourmet sauce” which is a classic Carolina gold. If you like it, you like it. I thought it was pretty darn good. The hash is very good also. It's hard to find good hash in this area.

*I don’t like bias and I love objectivity. I’m a journalistic purist at heart which is weird for a blogger I hear. If you want to discuss the politics of Maurice Bessinger, there are other venues for that. Go use our Google search because it pays us when you use it.

April: I choose not to ignore the politics of Maurice Bessinger's BBQ restaurants. I did avoid the new restaurant in Rock Hill for as long as I could, but Lane made me go. I had had Maurice's BBQ once as a kid at the place in Irmo, SC. I remember the chicken tenders being very good but I was kid and what kid doesn't like chicken tenders? When we finally tried the food here in Rock Hill, I was not impressed with the BBQ. It was too heavily sauced in that terrible heavy mustard sauce that he peddles around the globe. I did like the hash and rice. In fact, it was some of the best hash I have had. On our second trip, I pointed out that we really shouldn't include the Rock Hill Maurice's in our review because this location does not have a smoker. The meat is delivered from the Columbia restaurant and lord only knows how old it is. It may even be frozen at some point. We just chalked it up to adding it to the blog in the same way that we review restaurants outside of the 100 mile radius. I am glad to say that the chicken tenders are still just as good as I remember them being and the hash is worthy. I will warn that this place is on the expensive side. We have not given reviews of prices on restaurants because they are all for the most part very affordable. This is one of the exceptions. You also have to put up with a table full of pro-white supremacy - the South will rise again literature that is over to the side of the restaurant. It is easily avoidable, but it still makes me angry. I hate noting more than white hate.
My overall review is that the food is not good enough to drag me back and have to overlook the bad politics.

Maurice’s Piggy Park
2391 Dave Lyle Blvd. Rock Hill, SC 29730
(803) 366-4227
Distance from home: 5.74 miles

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  1. Thank you for the recommendation. My husband and I are new to the area. I am looking forward to going to Maurice's for the bbq AND the politics!