Monday, October 5, 2009

Mac's Speed Shop

Lane: About a month or two ago, April and I got Dish Network because our local cable company, Comporium, dropped our favorite channels during the big conversion. So, we go from having basic cable to hundreds of channels and programming we have never seen. One of the best programs we were missing was Sons of Anarchy on FX. Now we are hooked and it is what’s “top of our mind” when it comes to biker culture. Yeah I know, completely unrealistic, but Mac’s does have a small sign on the outside by the parking lot: “No patches, no colors.” So, maybe we are not far off. Mac’s Speed Shop is pretty bad assed but I get the sense that most of the clientele are not 1% ers (the outlaw bikers) but instead are just everyday Janes and Joes looking for some great grub. I had an awesome time and enjoyed everything except the banana pudding. (I’ve been told by our readers that I talk a lot about ‘nanner puddin’) It was just mediocre. The ribs were great. The pulled pork was pretty fresh and flavorful; the type that is good with or without sauce, and the chicken was juicy and savory. But I was not a big fan of the marinated steak. Just was not feeling it for some reason. The Mac at Mac’s was great. Cheesy and gooey! The collard greens were excellent. I enjoyed it and will come back to eat when I am next in this area.

April: Mac's Speed Shop was recommended to us by more than one person from the Charlotte area. On the way to see a show at the Blumenthal, we decided to check it out. Excellent recommendation! The place was super busy on a Saturday at lunch time, especially with college football fans. We got a seat at the bar with no problem and immediately ordered some good beer and large bowl of Brunswick Stew. This is one of the few places in all of our travels thus far that has Brunswick Stew closest to how I make it. Rich with meat and tomatoes and spices, it was great. Lane and I decided to split one of thier combo plates that includes "A Little Bit of Everything." That is exactly what it is called on the menu. Ribs, pulled pork, 1/2 a chicken, AND beef brisket, plus two sides, and bread. The ribs were sweet, smokey, and messy. The pulled pork was heavy with flavor and did not need any sauce. The beef brisket was more like marinated steak and less like pressed brisket. I really enjoyed the beef and traded Lane that for the roast chicken. I was amazed at the shear amount of food that we got for such a good price. The collard greens and macaroni and cheese were delicious. While I could not fathom putting anything else down my gullet, Lane ordered the banana pudding. The picture of him looking very excited about digging into it was taken BEFORE he tried the first bite. Big disappointment. It was vanilla flavored pudding with two slices of banana and whipped cream. Not even pretend homemade. My suggestion is to enjoy a second beer from their fantastic selection (both draft and bottle) and pass on the dessert.

Mac’s Speed Shop South End 2511 South Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 522-6227
Distance from home: 22.90 miles

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