Monday, October 5, 2009

Lee’s Barbecue

A little while ago I had the great opportunity to visit Lake Greenwood with my fraternity brothers (Tau Kappa Epsilon), Brian, D.J., Greg, Eric, and Malcolm for a leadership retreat weekend. Man, did we have a good time hanging around, telling stories, shooting air-soft pellets at each other, and getting some actual work done. While I unfortunately had to leave early, I insisted that we all go out to Lee’s first while we were all together and that was a great decision (despite some other alcohol fueled ones made by the fellas later)! My wife is from Greenwood and when she describes the kind of Carolina cue she was raised on, it’s Lee’s. Lee’s has the distinction of being one of the few buffet BBQ restaurants in the Upstate with an amazing array of delectable sides and desserts. The cue varies from time to time. The quality of meat is always strong but the degree to which it is cooked (sometimes underdone, sometimes overdone) is sometimes touch-and-go. BUT, their chicken tenders are always amazing! Their banana pudding is great but this particular visit was covered by sliced fresh strawberries, so it was camouflaged. Don’t worry, after a second or two I found it! The sauces are not spectacular and cover the broad spectrum of tastes (hot, spicy, mild, Lexington, Carolina Gold, sweet, etc.). The food is always good and has just the right balance of salty and savory with sweet and bitter (mostly in the peppery sauces you would add to the delicious veggies they offer) all of which translates to a great dinning experience. The guys thought so too. Oh, by the way, the place is called Lee's and sure enough there is a framed picture of Robert E. Lee on the wall.

Lee’s Barbecue Greenwood, SC
16994 Highway 72 W
Waterloo, SC 29384
(864) 998-3411
Distance from home: 86.64 miles

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