Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fort Mill BBQ Company

April: This restaurant just opened in the Lowes Food shopping center on Gold Hill Road in Fort Mill, SC. This was one of the first restaurants where we mentioned that we are working on a barbeque blog. One of the owners was nice enough to share a small sampler plate of their meat items. The pulled pork was outstanding. Not only was it nice and smoky, it was very flavorful. I ate almost the entire portion without adding any sauce. The vinegar based sauce was very good and spicy. The mustard sauce was also very spicy and while I am also not a fan of mustard sauces, this one was not bad. The spicy sausage links with pimento cheese were outstanding. The ribs were very good, but very messy. The meat fell off the bone, but disappeared into the sauce that was heaped on. The turkey and beef brisket had the same sauce and spice mix added, but the meat is cut like it has been pressed together. I liked the turkey well enough, but the beef tasted processed. As for the sides, the potato salad was fantastic as was the macaroni and cheese. They are good enough to add a small container of coleslaw to each plate. This is one of my favorite types of coleslaw; chunky cuts of white and red cabbage with a light dressing. I also ordered a bowl of the Brunswick Stew. I am always trying to find a place that makes it almost as well as I do. The Fort Mill BBQ Company comes the closest so far. It was spicy, had lots of vegetables, tomatoes, and meats. I am guessing that their extra ingredient is chopped jalepenos. They added a little extra spice to the stew. Since the restaurant is new, there are still some kinks being worked out. It was very crowded and a little disorganized as they call out order numbers for pick up. While the food is exceptional, it is difficult to linger after the meal. There are plans for an outdoor patio and eventual beer sales. That might make the place irresistible!

Lane: This restaurant is brand new so they were still getting the kinks worked out with internal traffic control, but I recommend “The Company” as the best tasting BBQ restaurant nearby. Stylistically, I appreciate the marketing of the restaurant. The logo and branding were chosen from a contest among Nations Ford High School students. The pimento cheese is an amazing compliment to the smoky sausage link (a kielbasa as opposed to a smoky link like the one Jim 'N Nick serve). I loved the chopped pork, the sliced beef brisket, but I did not enjoy the House Smoked Turkey, which resembled a processed turkey loaf. As of now the Fort Mill BBQ Company has the ABSOLUTE BEST “Nanner Puddin” (banana pudding for you non-southerners)! I highly recommend it!

Fort Mill BBQ Company 737 Stockbridge Drive Fort Mill, SC 29708
(803) 548-7400
Distance from Home: 11.36 miles.

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