Sunday, May 31, 2009

Firebonz BBQ and Grill

Lane: Firebonz is bright, well lit, and decorated red, white, and blue. It has a full bar and a great environment, and is very clean and modern. The restaurant is very family friendly despite the full bar, but with the family setting it gets a little noisy at times. The Phillies were playing the Red Sox (for a win) so April was pretty happy (Firebonz has great large flat screen TVs with un-obstructed views). The good news: I had a sliced bar-b- q sandwich with very good sides, Mac and cheese, coleslaw, and a Cottonwood Nut Brown Ale.

April: This is a chain restaurant in Rock Hill and is very popular with the York County Democrats as they have their monthly meetings here. We visited on a Saturday evening. While the restaurant is fairly large, it was very crowded and very loud. Despite sitting across the table from my husband it was difficult to carry on a conversation. There were large screen TV’s, music, and lots of people. As for the food, it was on the mediocre side. The fried pickles are spears, not chips and this fact is not included on the menu. They were very good and served with the requisite side of ranch. I ordered the chopped pork sandwich. The meat has a great pink smoke ring and is on the sweet side. Firebonz has six different sauces that sit on the table for your choosing. They range from mustard to vinegar to molasses based. The barbeque was a little dry, so experimenting with the different sauces was good. I wonder if this is purposeful? We shared an order of banana pudding for dessert. While the presentation of this dish is impressive, do no waste your money or your daily sugar allotment on it. There was a lot of whipped cream and a lot of really bad banana pudding and no bananas.

Firebonz BBQ & Grill
2445 Cherry Rd Rock Hill, SC 29732
(803) 366-1555
Distance from Home: 3.41 Miles

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  1. No bananas?! Awe, boo, fail!
    I'm sad, no one ordered the ribs. (Note: that is my favorite BBQ food of choice.) And, yes, the sauces are amazing, I pretty much make a mess when I'm there - I make a nice puddle of each sauce in a nice row and go down the line bite by bite. :D