Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q

April: We were encouraged to try this new chain restaurant just over the border in Charlotte, NC by a colleague. The restaurant hails from Alabama and is beginning to expand into numerous states. My dinner choices included the Brunswick Stew and pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw. As for the stew, it had tomatoes, but was not a tomato base. It was heavy with the creamed corn and potatoes. The stew meat was mainly pork and chicken. It was tasty, but not spicy and more creamy soup like than stew like. The pulled pork had a nice smoke ring and was moist. The taste was good and smoky but not spicy. There are two sauces to choose from on the table; one sweet and one mild. Both were horrible. I have never been more disappointed in a barbecue sauce than I was in these. The pork was much better off without it. I will say that the service in this restaurant was fantastic and it is very family friendly. I know that Lane’s ribs were some of the best we have had. We were so full from the meal that we shared a left over spare rib with Daisy when we got home. She licked a greasy spot on her bed the size of a dinner plate eating that thing. She was one happy dog!

Lane: The Smoked Pork Hot Links, served with saltines and pimento cheese were amazingly good. I have not had an appetizer like that in a long, long time. Too long in fact, actually. I coupled my half rack of spare ribs with macaroni and cheese (Mac the cheese) and coleslaw as my sides, the Mac was very creamy, with gouda blended with cheddar cheese. April got the pulled pork barbeque served with the garlic bread and collard greens. April washed hers down with Dorothy's Ice tea while I enjoyed Dave's lemonade.
Jim 'N Nick's 13840 Steele Creek Road Charlotte, NC
(704) 930-2290
Distance from home: 14.04 Miles


  1. Smoked Pork Hot Links, served with saltines and pimento cheese. You're killing me Lovegrove. Like a southern Jane and Michael Stern. I love it.

  2. Oddly, while reading this, i literally heard April saying every word of her part. Lane, sorry, not yet. Perhaps next time?? :)

    P.S. Now I know exactly who to send Jake to next time he comes home and wants BBQ.. (I'm not such a fan, I'm a side kinda girl when it comes to BBQ.)