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April: We first learned of this restaurant through the local coupon clipper magazine that sometimes finds its way to our mailbox. Noticing that the restaurant was a little new and located just up the way in Lake Wylie, SC, we decided to add it to our list of must visit places. Before we could even make it to the restaurant, we received a very nice email from the owner, Brian Rich. He had seen our blog and we had a mutual acquaintance with the SCBA. Brian invited us out to review his restaurant. We realized upon arrival that Brian, et. al. (Q2U BBQ team) were the 2009 winners of the SCBA Master BBQ Award! That means that they received the most points from all of the participating teams at all of the SCBA sanctioned events in 2009. This is no small feat and put us in a good mindset for sitting down at their table.

The restaurant is located just over the Buster Boyd Bridge on Lake Wylie near the NC border. It is tucked away in a little strip mall just past the T-Bones Restaurant. Just follow your nose because they smoke all of their meat on site and it is noticeable as you pull into the parking lot. The BBQ Pit hosts a small bar and just a few tables, but their take-out service is almost non-stop. Brian is usually back manning the grill/smoker and the lovely wives (Brian's and his business partner's) are hovering over the pans of macaroni and cheese and banana pudding.

The first thing I spotted on the menu was the Brunswick Stew. Being now the 3 time award winning team for Brunswick Stew, I always judge against my own recipe. I have to say that Brian's is ALMOST better. Almost, but not quite. The main difference that I noticed is that the broth of their stew is much thinner than mine. I like the thicker stew because it is more like stew than a thin soup. The next most important difference is that they use their smoked meat for the stew. This addition added so much more a good smokey flavor to the stew.
I next went for the pulled pork. It was well shredded with the bark mixed in. There was no fat or gristle in the meat. By itself, it was a little dry, but was greatly enhanced by the Original sauce. I detected a little cumin in the dry rub and the Original sauce is more tomato based.

I had to try the macaroni and cheese as my side dish, as usual. It was absolutely delicious. The pasta was mixed with a creamy white sauce that was very mild but the Cheedar cheese topping mixed with breadcrumbs was browned and crunchy around the edges. Just like I like it! For dessert we took advantage of the kids "Pig Cookie." It is a little sugar cookie that is decorated with icing and such to look like a pig face. They are super cute and made by a friend of the owners.
I have to also add that Brian and the other Q2U staff are super friendly and love to talk shop. It has been a real treat getting to know these folks through the BBQ circuit and seeing them out at some of the festivals and events this past year. We are hoping to jump on their cooking team for an event this next season. They have an excellent product and now that it is readily available to the general public along Lake Wylie, there is no excuse not to check it out!

Lane: I chose the sampler entree and I liked the savory eastern style pulled pork with small pieces of the "bark" mixed in (giving it a smoky flavor throughout each bite), but with the 1/2 rack of Baby Back ribs and the chicken breast (with the same sauce from the table also used on the ribs). How ever the flavors were present in the ribs but in almost too much of a way (a little too spicy, a little too sweet, etc.) but hey THIS IS STILL GOOD BBQ! I had my sampler with the spicy green beans (w/ potatoes) and hush puppies (when I look back at my notes I see I drew a little smiley face for the hush puppies =) )

Q2U BBQ Pit, Lake Wylie Plaza, 4052 Charlotte Highway

Lake Wylie, SC 29710 (803) 831-8883
Distance from home: 16.92 miles

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