Monday, August 17, 2009

Big T Bar-B-Q Columbia SC

April: We selected this BBQ restaurant from an online listing that gave it high marks for being some of Columbia's better mustard based BBQ. If you have read any of my posts, you know that I am not a mustard base fan, but I have to say that this BBQ was very good. The restaurant is tucked into a strip mall on Garner's Ferry Road. The staff are warm and friendly and there is a wide variety of menu items. The special on the day of our visit was Ox Tails! Ordering is cafeteria style but you get plenty for the cost. The restaurant also has a very large banquet room that could easily accomodate 100 people. While the mustard sauce is already mixed in with the BBQ pork, you can ask for additional hot or mild sauce. I highly recommend the hot sauce. The collards were exceptional while the mac and cheese was just OK. Overall it was good mustard base BBQ and we had a great time with our families celebrating our August birthdays!

Lane: I went with the hash and fried chicken because I already had a great deal of BBQ from Lee's in Greenwood. Big T's hash was very salty with a great tomato based sauce that permeated the rice it was served over. I could really differentiate between the spices and the pork flavor. The only down side was that it was very greasy, so you would need the rice to absorb a good deal of it to balance the textures. The chicken was pretty basic and didn't stand out in any real way. Sometimes that can be a good thing, sometimes it can be bad. I feel, in this case, that it really helped add to the balance of tastes and textures of the hash, rice, and chicken. As for the sides, they served great corn bread, very sweet and almost deseret like. The mac-n-cheese was just like I like it, cheesy and casserole like, the green beans were crisp and fresh. These are my two favorite sides so they made me pretty darn happy.

Big T Bar-B-Q 7535 Garners Ferry Road,
Columbia, SC 29209 (803) 776-7132
Distance from home: 73.36 miles
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